The Search Engine Optimization, famously known by its abbreviated form as SEO is the process involving a set of techniques that help in increasing the visibility of a website or blog in the Internet searches (Google search). It involves the implementation of several techniques to make the website show up among the top results in these searches.

The outburst of the “Dot-Com Bubble” and the Web 2.0 almost a decade ago saw an exponential increase in the growth of websites on the web. So, to beat out all this competition and increase your online business, you will surely SEO or else you will be left out in the competition and lose your customers to your competitors.

The Search Engine Optimization can be basically divided into 2 types: the on-page optimization (it involves making changes to the website) and the off-page optimization (other than the on-page techniques). It involves several strategies like Back-link building, Keyword usage, Content Marketing, Social Network Marketing, Online Directory submission, etc. Here, we shall discuss some of the important branches of SEO, how they can be implemented and how you can benefit from them.

Content Marketing:

It involves writing informative articles that describes your brand and the services you offer. On contrary to the regular marketing strategies like the news paper and television ads which pitch their products directly on the customers, content marketing follows an indirect approach. It revolves around writing that primarily aims at addressing the visitors’s needs and providing him the information that he has been looking for. In this way, you can gain his trust and there is a great chance that he can become your loyal customer. The articles describing how you brand can offer the best solutions have to be written and posted on several blogs so that during Internet searches, the search-engine-algorithm crawlers will find it at many places on the web and rank your website high.

Back-link building:

Back-links are the URL’s that point to your website. This can be done by writing several free or paid guest posts for several blogs where you can place the URL’s so that the readers will be directed to your site Practice healthy relations with your competitors so that you can exchange the back-links with each other and benefit mutually.


This is the most important step for SEO. It involves researching on the Internet (using tools like Google WebMaster) to know what are the keywords that are frequently searched for on the Internet and using them in your website’s content. This technique alone can make a great difference in the SEO of your suite. However, over usage like keyword stuffing will make the content to be considered as spam by Google and is rated extremely low.

Building website for SEO: Web designing plays a great role for improving the rankings of a website. Use less programming languages, Flash and media files because the search engine algorithms cannot read them. Also, all these increase the size of the website which makes it take longer time to be loaded onto the client’s computer or smartphone. Also, your website has to be optimized for smart mobile devices as a major portion of the Internet users today are from them.

Online Directory Submission:

It is one of the oldest SEO techniques and is still effective even now. Submit your website to as many popular online directories popular online directories (like DMOZ) as you can. This makes the job easy for the search engines to find your site. Also, submit your website to all the major search engines.

Using all the above techniques, you can increase the ranking on your website and thus grow the potential of your business.