Many have a burning desire to know exactly what ‘search engine marketing’ is all about. Questions include whether it is different from SEO or other online marketing tools. People are curious of exactly how this method of marketing can have a direct impact on their online business/websites/and other online activities.

Basically, this method of marketing incorporates two techniques of online marketing. It uses SEO and Pay Per Click methods of marketing to generate and direct traffic to your site. This means that across all the search engines (Google, yahoo, Bing, etc) you will begin to get more eyeballs looking at your site.

Increased traffic to your site is the most important determinant of making your website successful. It gives you more exposure and ability to curve out a larger market base for yourself. It helps you to compete effectively in the market where there are millions of website vying for the same attention.

For the first part, i.e. SEO, the focus is placed on your website. Your website needs to be built in a professional manner. The navigation features must be user friendly. You must have relevant information on your website. There must be easy to access forms and FAQ’s to help online visitors with questions they have.

A website that displays all (and more) of the above stated qualities will retain and attract new online visitors. In addition, search engine positions are determined by many of the above factors. This means that if you want that precious number one spot on Google, your website needs to impress the Google search algorithms. This means that you have to use SEO services to polish your website.

Always remember that a good SEO strategy is a long-term project. Do not expect miracles overnight!

The second part of search engine marketing involves the use of PPC (pay-per-click). With this method, you are at a ‘bidding war’ with competitors over ‘keywords’ that online visitors are likely to use. This means that when you get the right ‘keyword’ in your niche, you can get increased traffic flow to your website. This mode of marketing is a short-term kind of thing. It is best used in combination with SEO marketing methods.

An important aspect of search engine marketing is close monitoring of your website. There must be empirical data that shows how often new customers come back, how many conversions you get (how many clicks leads to new customers), is your PPC marketing method good, etc.

This close monitoring gives you in-depth knowledge on whether the strategy you are using is effective or needs to be abandoned. The prime focus is to get more customers! This means better placement on the search engines. If this placements does not entice more actual customers coming to your site to buy, trade, or spend, then something is amiss.

A well-rounded scope of the intricate workings of search engines is necessary for you to pull off a successful search engine marketing strategy. If you find that you are not adept to this kind of complicated information, then you need professional help. Marketing is all about sales/profits and a good marketing strategy should always help you to achieve this!