Do nofollow links work for SEO or traffic?

The process of optimizing your website to rank highly on the search engines involves several activities. Building backlinks is an integral part in SEO for any website looking to rank highly in SERP. Search engines rate backlinks very highly which means that a website with a very high number of backlinks is ranked very highly.

There are two types of backlinks: follow and nofollow links. Although these links work differently for the overall link building strategy, they are both important. They complement each other in a way and combining them will make your SEO campaign more successful. Many webmasters use follow links exclusively without knowing that nofollow links can also be very effective.
Nofollow links were first introduced by Google so as to filter out links contained in spam comments on other websites.

Website owners can however use these types of links in the comments section where users are allowed to add their own links in their posts. Keeping spammers out of your website will ensure that only the best comments are published on your site. This greatly improves the experience of the users on your site and they will keep on coming back. You are also able to link them to other important posts that can offer more information about the specific topic.

The main point of carrying out extensive SEO is to direct traffic to your site. The fact that users may still comment on the nofollow backlinks means that those who will come across them may end up on the linked site. This is all that counts since the reason why you struggle for top SERP ranks is to get that extra visitor to our website.

Basically, nofollow links will keep spammers away from your site due to the fact that Google bots won’t count their links. This means that only a few of them will appear. On the other hand, your visitors will be able to see them and a few will be redirected to your desired pages.