Top Seo Companies in World

The blossoming of the Internet in the past two decades saw hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs coming on to the Web. Each of them competes with the others for better visibility to their target audience. No matter how good their content, products or services are, to rank themselves among the top results of the Internet searches, they need to implement a set of proven techniques which are collectively called as the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thousands of companies that exclusively offer SEO services have evolved in recent years. It is very important to choose the right one for your business website. Here is a list of 5 top SEO companies in the world. Go through their websites to get an idea on what a great SEO company must have.

Nettonic, UK:

Nettonic is ranked as the number 1 company for ‘SEO services’ and ‘PPC campaigns’ by ‘’. Apart from these two services, this firm also specialises in Link Building, Social Media, Web Design, Mobile Management and Reputation Management. Although it has less number of employees and generates less annual income, it is highly reputed for its selectivity in choosing limited clients and rendering them dedicated services. It is for this reason, this company is ranked first. Most of its clients spread over different parts of UK.

Bruce-Clay. Inc, Moorepark, USA:

Established in 1996, Bruce-Clay. Inc is one of the oldest organisations in this business. It has very potential clients like Victoria’s Secret , Rosette Stone and Target Stores which makes its annual income range over more than $10 million which is high in this domain. Their clients speak for the quality of the services they offer. Their services include SEO, PPC, Analytics, CRO, Social Media Marketing and web design.

Indazo Solutions, India:

Founded by Anoop Krishnan and Vikas Ganpari in 2007, this Indian SEO company quickly carved a niche for itself in the market. It offers all the SEO services along with web designing and reputation management. Its clients are more than 200 from 20 different countries. They are reputed for offering services to all ranges of business starting from very small enterprises to large companies. Some of their prestigious clients are Hilton Hotels, Global Media Real Estate Group and Orange.

Bigmouthmedia, Scotland:

Being one among the oldest SEO companies in UK, Bigmouthsmedia has constantly been ranked highly for its innovative services. It has got great work force known for their creative touch to the regular SEO techniques. They are ranked consecutively for the third year as the ‘best PPC agency in UK’ by the ‘Marketing Services Guide’.

Hit Search, UK:

Hit Search is another UK based SEO company known for their wide range of services in this domain. It specialises in deep optimisation of your web site to beat the Panda and Penguin updates in Google’s search engine algorithm. Along with providing all the conventional SEO , it also has expertise in proving top-class Affiliate Management services.

With all above information, we hope that you will select a company suitable for your budget and geographical location. Before selecting an SEO company, ask them to provide the details of the websites they had optimised previously. Compare the client websites of different SEO companies and zero on the one that you think can offer the best services. Also, select one that is established at least four years ago. Good luck!