Good Web Host

What does “Good Web Host” mean?

With the advent on Web Content Management System (WCMS) platforms, the making of web sites has becomes a very simple and easy task. One of the major problems that people face when creating their sites is finding a good web host. Most people still do not know what to look for in a web host provider. So, I guess the question in your mind right now is, What does “Good Web Host” mean? Well to answer this question let’s look at what features a good web host should have/provide.

The Cpanel is what you use to customize how your site looks. The Cpanel should have the many icons, scripts, shopping carts, CMS platforms and other features that you require to set up your site. It is important to realize that even though most web hosts have similar Cpanels, there are differences. A good web host should provide you with the best and easiest Cpanel to use.
24 hours support
This is a very good feature since it will ensure that anytime you have a problem it will be solved immediately not matter what time of day or night it is. This will ensure that your site is always available to you visitors and readers.
A good web host will ensure that your site is up 99.9% of the time. This will ensure that your web host will find problems that may occur and resolve them immediately. Having a 99.9% uptime will ensure that you do not lose any sales and visitors which ensures that your website will perform at its optimum.
Free features
A good web host will provide its users with a lot of free features – who doesn’t like free things? These may include things such as templates, Google adword credit, graphics, sub domains, blogs and many more.
Although the above are not all the features a web host should provide, a good web host will have all of them.

“Good Web Host” means;
1)Good Server Uptime
2)Backup Service
3)Fast Server Speed
4)Friendly Support

Author:Mustafa Vahdet