Free Domain Hosting

What does “Free Domain Hosting” mean?

There are many web hosting companies that provide free domain hosting to website or blog owners. There are millions of websites scattered all over the Internet. All these websites have their respective web hosting services providers. You have to buy or get a free domain first and then a paid or free domain hosting services provider to publish your website online. There are many website owners who are new to website design and building field and they usually look for free web hosting providing companies or websites. There are many distinct benefits of using free hosting services. There are some disadvantages too if the free domain hosting service providers block you website or opt your website out of free services. However, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Many web hosting companies offer both paid and free web hosting services to those who want to publish their websites online. A paid web hosting service is for those who have experience in web design, web marketing, online business etc areas. A free domain hosting service is especially designed for those who are new to website builder and who want to learn various features of a website. If you have a new website and you do not have any or much experience in the field of web design and website builder then choosing a good and reliable free domain hosting company can be an excellent option to run your website live online free of cost. You will have limited services though from a free hosting service package but it will be just quite enough for a new starter. Even you can run your own online store and sell products and services to make money. Usually you will have limited disk space, limited bandwidth and fewer other options. Actually, free hosting comes with all the basic hosting services essential to publish a website online.

Some free domain hosting companies provide free site builder which even the most inexperienced website owners can use to build their websites. It is great for them to learn gradually and when they become confident enough and need more services they can opt for a paid domain hosting service. Thousands of bloggers, webmasters and online store owners are making decent money running their websites and online stores etc using free domain hosting services.