Burst.net VPS Review

Whenever you need to use the VPS there is a question which provider to use. There are more than enough options available concerning this service, but many of the providers are problematic in some way so the caution is mandatory when you are to make the decision. It is not a cheap service generally so it is best to be cautious to avoid making a bad investment.

Of course, the various blogs are rather reliable source of the information but it is unlikely that you will be able to navigate easily and successfully through the various options offered. So, we will try to help you out with the options and point out one provider that we consider being amongst the best solutions for the issue.

Namely, whenever you try to search for the good VPS provider, you will stumble upon the burst.net and you will be also able to find all sorts of the reviews concerning their services. Still, some of those reviews are highly biased and not very reliable. The fact is that burst.net VPS is a rather good offer and that you will be hardly finding anything better than this on the web.

The dedicated resources for every user are quite enough to provide really reliable service with a very high and extremely steady performance. Since the guaranteed minimum per client is really impressive, it is certain that you won’t be suffering from the shortage of the space or server speed. The minimum option which is also the cheapest one makes some 20 GB of the disk space available and it is on the disks set up in the raid configuration, so the storage space is really sufficient and the configuration allows a very fast approach to your data. Concerning the RAM, each client has at least 512Mb dedicated to its own VPS and that is quite enough for anything that you may need. Finally, each client gets a guaranteed 1,000 MHz of the processor speed dedicated to its VPS and that is quite enough for anything you may need. Of course, take in to the consideration that this is not the service that will suit your needs if you are to use it for something that it isn’t meant for. So, f you need a more serious speed and flow of the information, as well as more of the storage space, you have to look for the other option and no VPS is going to satisfy your needs.

Concerning the business usage when you have to use something of this kind, the VPS is the right solution and the burst.net VPS is one of the best deals concerning the technical aspect you can get. There are many people who are more than satisfied with the service provided and some of their testimonials can be found on the various forums.

Concerning the prices and the financial aspect, the burst.net VPS is definitely amongst the best available. The registration costs literally $1 and the first month of the service is free of charge. This is something that is really nice, since you get to see for yourself what they have to offer virtually without any money. Of course, for some serious business, you will need the longer period and most of the people have the tendency of paying for at last a year in advance. Naturally, the longer the period is, the lower the price gets and these deals are the best concerning the financial aspect.

Additionally, the burst.net VPS offers the money back option. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service or you simply don’t need it any more, it is quite possible to get the refund. Naturally, the refund is not the 100% as they deduct the time you have used up already and certain expenses, but it still makes it a good deal. If you consider that there is an option of a free one month trial, it is really hard to say that they are offering a lousy deal.

All in all, the burst.net VPS is more than a handy solution and from both financial and technical aspect it offers the best value for your money. As there is an option of a refund, and the trial period, it makes the whole deal pretty much a failsafe one and it will provide you everything that you need.