Google Caffeine Update

Google caffeine update is a brand new web indexing system that has the capacity to give 50 percent fresher web searches result compared with their previous index.It is so far the largest collection of content that Google has to offer, it contains blogs, forum posts, new story and other relevant links that users would find useful.

For those who are searching information using Google using the Google caffeine allows you to search the index of the web, like a list in the back of a book which makes it easier to extract the information you need.
Google want so create a stronger search indexing system that would deliver updated images, real-time updates as well as news items and blogs.
Using the Google caffeinee, the web is analyzed into smaller portions and the index search is updated regularly and this is being done globally.
This means that users would be able to find the latest information and this can be easily viewed.
The caffeinee program allows users to index web pages on a larger scale, it has the capacity of over 100 million gigabytes of storage in just a single database and new information is being added per day. Users can check the Caffeine update u sing, get a preview of how the search results will go.
Most of the updates are still being done and users have yet to see the changes, they are still rewriting most of the foundation of the database and searches will still have a chance to change. It will still be depended on the feedback of the users; it is a move to continue the top quality that Google offers.
The information provided would have very little impact on SEOs according to Search Engine land spokesperson Vanessa Fox. It will not change the importance of indexing, ranking factors or crawling it will just make the results appear faster.