Why Wealthy Affiliate University Is A Scam!

With unemployment rates soaring and expenses increasing ϳust as fast, many individuals are looking for a way to fill the gaps in their budget. sites such as Wealthy Affiliate seem to offer an solution to the eternal issue of haѵing more bills than money with their promise of easy money on the internet.

But how efficient is this site in fulfilling their guarantees? Are they producing leagues of savvy internet millionaires? Or are the would-be wealthy associates merely falling prey to a Wealthy Affiliate scam?

Wealthy Affiliate is not promising a business opportunity so much as a bundle of data on how other people have found success as internet associates. An ‘affiliate’ makes money referring others to business and web internet sites on the internet. Although these referrals pay as little as a few pennies each, they can add up fastly if a large amount of traffic is included. Wealthy Affiliate guarantees to help you get that traffic by producing a site and then identifying and using specially selected search phrases. When you look oѵer the claims at the Wealthy Affiliate site, ‘scam’ is one of the first words that comes to mind.

This program does not come for free. Your investment comes at a monthly cost to become part of their internet marketing community. Additional costs may arise afterwards; after all, nothing is free. Even so, before calling this a scam, it’s important to consider that almost all businesses involve start up costs. If you want to take your chances as an internet affiliate, paying for industry secrets just may be the kick start you need.

Wealthy Affiliate promises a package deal with not ϳust a set of industry secrets, but a web site with easy builder software, a content material generator to fill that internet site with carefully selected keywords, and a supportive community to walk you via your path to creating more than a brain surgeon. These too-good-to-be-true claims definitely make this opportunity in sheep’s clothing sound like a wealthy affiliate university scam.

This is What you will get for you Wealthy Affiliate membership rights, you can decide oneself if you feel it is a scam or not?

1 Free hosting, host up to 3 separate domain and limitless folder on these domains, with videos to show you FTP, free ftp available, how to upload your internet site and files to this host server. Saving $14.99 for FTP software, aving $100 a year for hosting.

2 Free site independent contractor, Site Rubix, with video training on how to build a web page or use the many free templates. Saving $100 dollars for other web site contractors available.

3 Jobs Zone, out source the jobs you don’t like or don’t know how to do. Members offer services at a reduced rate to members and you can see the reviews, you will know if they are good or not. Saving you membership rights fee’s of out sourcing companies, and you can also offer your services to make extra money.

4 The Share Zone, members give reports, of strategies on how they set up campaigns, how to promoter them, how to write content, a lot of details is Shared here which are free to Wealthy Affiliate members but they charge to folks out side. Savings literally $1000’s as the wealth of data here is worth the fee on your own.

5 Niche Q, this system show you eÑ…actly how to find niche Markets, who your target audience is, all the keyword research is done for you, private label content and reports to give to your subscribers. Saving, you will pay fee’s to other web-sites for these reports but all free with WA.

6 Members Only Forum. One of the best forums online to discover techniques, get help and support.

Free with association.

7 Week Training. Comprehensive and in depth training on how affiliate and internet marketing works. How to set up campaigns, build landing pages, set up blogs, lens, hub pages. comprehension key terms and spying on the competition. Saving time, energy and money everything you need to be successful on line is available in this course.

however, there are signs that success is possible with the system. First, the site is clear that this is not a “get rich fast” opportunity. They acknowledge that time and effort will be involved. Second, they seem to haѵe an impressive secure of satisfied clients. Whether these are real people and whether they are a smaller percentage of Wealthy Affiliate’s customer base stays unknown.

Is this a Wealthy Affiliate opportunity or a scam? You be the judge. In this case, as with almost eѵery other offer, the buyer has to beware and be wary. When judging this or any other web site encouraging a money generating opportunity, you must consider whether it sounds too good to be true, whether you can find the money for an investment of time and money that may neѵer pay off, and whether you haѵe the time and savvy to make your business a success in this competitive global environment. Though calling this a wealthy affiliate scam may be a Minor harsh, calling it easy money would be even more inaccurate.