Web2 Resources For Back Linking

This really is an additional layer of backlinking. You may think  ‘well James Schramko that’s too many layers to be preparing’. Well the reality is if you choose to do what we call promote the promoters which would be to construct sites to push the websites that are supporting your money site you’ll go much deeper than your competitors.

You have an incredibly strong wall of hyperlinks for your website but not only that, most of these properties will actually rank nicely for the key phrase that we are using since now they’re supported by the other websites and that we haven’t even started on how we are going to fortify this since later on we’re going to talk about bookmarking, pinging as well as RSS and these are the cool stuff.

That’s the place where we should place the keyword in the title of the online properties as we are making them so that they get ranked for targeted key phrases. Typically, we’re not planning to position these individual online resources for short phrases but we’ll rank them for 3, 4, or 5 word phrases quite effectively because these properties are extremely strong.

You’re generally using these resources for SEO reasons to push your primary sites up so that they get more exposure and this is among the ways that helps us to dominate page 1 of Google by getting numerous properties, all connecting to one another and to your homepage but in a unique order. So choose a range of long-tail keywords for these particular sites, get the content set and we are set to go.

Finally keep in mind wherever we’re linking to the money site use a Google Analytics trackable link. This will be one of the last levels where we utilized these trackable backlinks in terms of article distribution because from layer 3 on we’re mostly backlinking to other layers so we don’t need to take the Google tracking hyperlink.