The Service Design Suitable Phase

It used to be that businesspersons did not stress about how competitive their products and services were. The market was tiny although it was alright. There was nearly no competition. People didn’t appear to be discriminating back then. They bought what was offered in the trading post.

People today became extremely distinctly discriminating. If they are not pleased with a service or product in one shop, they move to another and never come back to the “inferior” shop. And there are shops everywhere. Towns have become nothing but a big commercial district. You find all sorts of signs advertising some type of service or product even in the side streets.

Competition has indeed become stiff and keeps getting stiffer every day. There are way more choices of more services and goods in the marketplace. It has even become extremely baffling to the amateur or to rural people who come visiting the big old city. The town is a bafflement of signs and shops everywhere making an attempt to best each other tempting the attention of potential customers with bright and flashing lights glittering superbly from a distance.

As a businessperson, you don’t wish to get left behind. What is it that purchasers really need? Discovering the secret of market attraction is the businessperson’s dream. More clients means more sales. More sales means higher profits. More profits means stable business with an opportunity to grow and expand. Growth means multiplied profits that can afford the businessperson bigger elbow room for more business ideas and wealth.

How does the businessperson get the awareness of shoppers and keep them coming back? Attracting the client is a crucial most important step. It’s the job of selling and promotion department. For small businesses, the marketing and promotion dep. is equivalent to “the owner and manager”. The product must be cleverly and energetically introduced to the purchaser. This step is critical. The service or product has to square up to the promise of the advert. The purchaser has to be pleased with the product and service.

The second step decides whether the shopper will come back and keep coming back. The delivery of the product must be of a quality and speed that has to awe the customer, if possible. And it’s got to be cost-efficient as it is time-efficient. How can it be done? This area belongs to the service design department. While this area may be equivalent to “the owner and manager”, it has to be engineered to fit to the business’s expanded form.

Service design covers everything in the business and industry levels so as to be competitive apropos cost- and time-efficiency in a consistent manner. Both the customer and the product / service provision team have to be satisfied players.





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