SEO Services – Building Links

SEO or Search Engine Optimization services aim to search engine optimize your website so that it can come up in the search engine results page for popular keyword searches. This is no easy job. Remember, there can be thousands and even millions of web pages out there in your niche that can be your competitors. And many of these websites are also trying to optimize their web presence so that they can reach the first page of Google or Yahoo or Bing.

To search engine optimize a website, an expert would do various on-page and off-page activities. On-page refers to all the activities that are carried out on the pages of your website, and off-page refers to everything done outside your website. Over the years, the value of off-page optimization has grown tremendously and in this, exchanging links is most vital. Exchanging links or seeking incoming links to enhance your link popularity is thus a core activity of every SEO services.

What Is Link Popularity And Why Is It So Important

A link is from one website to another. You will see  these links on any website, clicking on which will take you to another page on the same website (navigation) or a different website altogether. In the context of search engines and rankings, links can be very important. Google is now thought of as the number 1 search engine, and it believes that an incoming link to your website is like a vote of confidence for the site. It is assumed that since the website is linking to you, it must think that you have something of value to offer. This means that if you can attain a large number of incoming links, Google will take it that you are receiving a lot of votes. And because of this, Google will not only index your website, but will also give you good ranks at the results page. Although the quality of links is also very important.

PR or Page Rank is the measure of a web page’s importance according to Google. If your website is receiving a lot of incoming links, your PR will improve, and an improving PR is an indication that your website is climbing in the search engine rankings table.

How To Improve Your PR Or Receive Incoming Links

The best approach is not to think about PR at all. Your SEO services should just keep working at it so that your website can receive as many incoming links as possible. This is because with a high number of links, your PR is bound to improve. But you should remember that just any incoming link may not work to your advantage. In other words, your SEO services should get you incoming links from web pages that have at least a PR of 4. Also, it is always best to receive incoming links from relevant websites, or websites that are in your niche.

One good way of improving your link popularity is by posting your link at the external links section of Wikipedia. You can also post your link at online directories or submit articles with a link back to article directories. Ask your SEO services to participate at online forums and make helpful comments – of course there will be a link at the signature section. Or you could also post comments at blogs. These are all various ways in which your website could receive one way incoming links. You could also decide to exchange links with other websites on the Internet. However here, to receive the incoming link, you must also link to that website.