Denovo 7 Prelaunch MLM Review: The NFL & Juice Shots!

Denovo 7 is the new prelaunch MLM opportunity that is garnering a ton of interest. The company was founded by 3 former and current NFL players, Paul Frase, Tony Boselli and Mark Brunell.  The trio is concentrate their travails on producing and promoting an energy juice shot to tackle many of the currenty energy drinks and shots on the market today.  Let’s take a closer look at this new MLM oppourtinty.

Energy drinks and shots have been on the market for the past ten years and the market continues to grow.   If you walk into any convenience store you will find the coolers and counters lined with many sizes, shapes, flavors and claims of these energy enhancing drinks.  They have become the alternative to coffee.  Denovo 7 has created and produced a product called XE7.   It is a small shot that will elevate mood, reduce anxiety and worry, increase motivation and most of all boost your overall energy.  The unique ingredient is XE7.  Since the product is small it will be easy to ship and store.

Denovo 7 is a true network marketing opportunity.   The initial investing to join is $69.97 with an annual renewal fee of $30.  The XE7 juice shot will retail for around $3.69 like most shots on the market today.  I have not confirmed that they will require a monthly auto ship to stay active, but this is a rule requirement for most network marketing companies.  There are 7 ways to get paid.  The most lucrative revenue pelt will come from the buiding of their revolutionary binary power legs system.  All you have to do is sponsor 4 members and  you can earn over $12,000 per week according to the website.  The name of the game will be recruiting new members and mentoring your team to do the same.  The system includes a personal website and a unique marketing doctrine.  Denovo 7 will assist with the initial marketing by promoting the products on tv, billboards and advertisements prior to the start of the 2010 NFL season.  With the endorsement of several high profile NFL players, Denovo 7 is a easy opportunity to promote.   There will be many who make a significant 6 income with this opportunity.

Denovo 7 is a legitimate home based business.   With the included marketing efforts and endorsements from the company along with a solid internet marketing plan by the member, this can be a very lucrative venture.  The members who exercise a solid work ethic and put forth the required effort will be successful.  Those who think they can sit back and watch the money roll in will fail.  If you can master a few of the tried and tested internet marketing strategies and put them into carry out, you can be one of the many internet successes.