How To Write Google AdWord Ads That Get Clicks

Writing good AdWords ad copy is all about keeping the vital elements of copywriting in mind. You probably know that Adwords ads, or any PPC ads, are very short; still though the concepts of copywriting still apply. We’re going to review three Adwords ad copy approaches you can begin to use immediately if you’re unfamiliar with them.

As you well know, whenever anyone hits the search engines to find something, they use the word combinations that they believe is best for their search. Now, as an AdWords advertiser, you need to realize the value of using your keywords in your copy. You should optimize your ads with your keywords so you’ll get the best results and pay the least in terms of CPC. When someone searches using these keywords and sees your ad, they should be able to connect with it. So, the ads are small as you know; so that kind of limits the options to headline and ad body. If you’re having a hard time with conversions, then really nothing else matters other than figuring out what is wrong. It’s really not so much about being creative as it is doing the right things. Creativity can sometimes work against you because people really don’t want to see artsy fartsy, they want information presented to them properly. You should devote a fair amount of time to your headline so it’s as effective as it can be, and you can always split test after the campaign is live. Don’t be afraid to split test headlines using keywords in them and omitting them. Avoid the common wisdom sometime and test, and remember you can always go with the keyword if it tests stronger. When your searchers come looking for a certain product, they’ll be looking for that one keyword that they used to search for it. One situation where the keyword may make a difference is if a product name is used, but you cannot always use product names in your ads. Google pays you for being relevant, which is why it’s important for you to have the right keyword in your ad. Your CTR will depend on more things, but increased relevancy will only help your quality score be higher. Each word has a purpose in your ad, and those words that do not have to get edited out. Cut out all those words that can be left out without damaging the ad in meaning or appearance. It is so imperative that everything is clear about what you want to say. So remember that you don’t have much space to play around with words here, so only include those that really matter.

Believe it or not, certain aspects of a story are highly effective with some markets. We’ll explain how you do this because we know you’re scratching your head. You’ll be simply saying something that grabs their hearts and causes them to have sympathy or empathy. You can actually get quite a reaction from your readers, and see what happens.

You can learn to write highly effective Adwords ads, but it just takes some knowledge and practice. Don’t be intimidated in the beginning, and just keep at it and in time you’ll see improvement. After a while it will all become second nature to you. Just make sure you give it enough time, so that you’re able to create copy that gets results.

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