Search faster with google’s new search tool

There was a big announcement yesterday from the guys at Google, and it was all to do with how we will now search for stuff. No, they’re not introducing mind reading technology (not yet anyway), they’re actually using their combined knowledge of previous search and trending topics to give us search results whilst we type.

I have to say, I’m not entirely sure how to take it yet, but if you want to try it out yourself you’ll need to be logged into Google, so you’ll therefore need an account. But when you’re logged in, this happens when you search:

As you can see, the search results automagically change as you’re typing. So if you begin to type something, Google now bases the current search on what you’ve typed in, then alters it as it gets more information. This is probably going to be great for a lot of people who like to save time, but will it affect search results at all? As far as normal search results are concerned, there is apparently going to be absolutely no difference.

However, if you used to be found for what we call a ‘long tail’ search term before, then can we be sure people will bother typing it all in if they get the results they want as they type? It remains to be seen if this will have a drastic effect on visitors. My own personal view is that it won’t. Many people don’t bother logging in to Google at all so they won’t even see the new changes and therefore these developments will simply bypass a great majority of users. What do you think though? Will this change the way you search?

If you’re embarking on any SEO Training then you’ll probably want to take this into consideration when thinking about the keywords you use. It’s probably no longer OK to simply choose one keyword over another, you need to think of all keywords in the round and think about how your choice of longer-tail words will ultimately affect how your sites are found.