How To Write Compelling Adwords Ads

Since the early 2000s, Adwords has been the premium destination for PPC advertisers who want to drive highly qualified and targeted traffic. If you’ve been having some trouble with ad copy, then do continue with this article because in it we go into how to produce higher converting ad copy.

Always be sure to include a solid and firm call to action statement in any ad you write. If you look at other PPC ads, you’ll see some people who have it while others do not. You should test it out on your own, and see if the call to action doesn’t produce more click-throughs and conversions. It is so important that the reader understand why they should care about your product or service, and the way you make them care is by telling them of a great benefit. In a way, for the searcher you’re nothing but another ad in the many ads on that page full of links. So if you’re aiming at taking him away to another page, you will have to make sure you give him a strong reason to click on your ad. Your ads also need to be relevant and everything must be what is expected. If you violate the rule about relevant streams of information, then you risk low conversions and wasted work.

Learning how to write good ad copy means economy of words; so make darn sure you are not using any wasted words – at all. There is just no getting around it that all letters and words really count a lot with PPC ads. Words that do not need to be there are taking up space that can be better used to express your benefits and call to action.

No matter what, please test your copy elements because it’s just so important; and always begin A/B split testing your headlines.

If you’re not familiar with split testing, go find out about it, and then test your two best headlines. How well you convert is what really matters in the end. Another highly important area to test is your offer, as well. Just keep in mind that the best and really only way to find out if something is good to do is test it. You can test your headline, call to action, benefit given in your ad, etc. You will need to be patient when you split test, and we suggest close to one thousand impressions to make a clear determination of winner/loser.

In conclusion, the above tips clearly explain the ins and outs of writing high quality ads. But don’t stop learning because there is always so much more, and the more you do to educate yourself the better will be your performance and overall results.

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