Solid Strategies For Improving Your Adwords Ad Copy

There is no doubt or ever a question that advertising copy is critically important, and that is also true with Google Adwords campaigns. It’s a large area of study, but today we will start with just three solid ad copy tips that you can study and incorporate.

When writing your AdWords ad copy you need to be specific. Never use any kind of template for your PPC ads because it’s just a recipe for dismal results. Your aim should be to keep your copy as specific and targeted as possible. This is important because you want your customers to get the right message and that can only happen when your copy is not generic in nature. The following example applies to any business; but let’s just say your fabulous shirt company offers a wide selection of shirts – all kinds and all categories. The correct approach is to write specific ads for each of your primary keywords for each ad group. How can this be realistically and easily done? You should have multiple ad groups for these keyword sets so that you know what kind of copy needs to be written for each ad group. First, this is what Google wants you to do, and if you don’t then you will receive penalties in the form of a low quality score. Secondly, you must offer your main benefit in each ad that you write. The best approach is to study other PPC ads, and you can also look-up how to write good classified ads. Including benefits in all your advertising is basic because everyone buys for emotional wants and not for logical reasons. If you are able to do this, then bringing out your USP isn’t that difficult. Your ad’s copy must be able to highlight your selling proposition. Your ad must also serve the purpose of making people feel that only you can do what no one else can. How well you express the benefits plays a critical role in the entire process which begins with your ad.

Last but not the least; when you’re writing your ads focus on the benefits, one or more of them. Not sure? Make a list of benefits, and also make sure they are not features, and then choose a small number of the best ones to test in ads. You need to offer the benefit that speaks the loudest to your target market. Many advertisers make the mistake of keeping the features first and ignore the benefit, which is not the right way to go. Just keep furthering your knowledge about writing advertising that works, and then keep at it until you get the results you like. Don’t allow yourself to feel intimidate with PPC, and just keep getting experience.

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