How To Establish the True Value of a Website

The “For Sale” sign is up.  A “leading” web site is on the market.  How do you know, however, if internet sites available for sale are worthy of the particular selling price?

If you have ever in your life bought a house and/or property, you most likely have some idea of how one can analyze the value of real estate property for sale.  Even novices can identify if a certain house is over-priced.

Quite similar rules can, in reality, be implemented to websites for sale.  With some savvy as well as practice, you will have the ability to discern if a specific internet site is over-priced or a steal of a deal.

The genuine value of an existing internet site available for purchase really needs to be examined on a number of fronts.  Do not ever buy websites until you have contemplated all five of the following factors:

1) Page rank:  Page rank is an analysis of the reputation of a single webpage by Google.  Web pages have got a chance of being ranked somewhere between zero and ten, with ten being the maximum rank.  The greater a webpage’s standing (especially the site’s homepage), the more liked (and hence, valuable) the website will be.

Imagine Page rank like buying a home within a desirable neighborhood.  The nicer and more trendy the area, the more the property located within is going to be worth.  If you buy websites online, you’ll shell out somewhat more for a “desirable” online community

2) Website traffic volume: It does not matter how much eye-appeal an online site has or what types of items it carries; if website traffic volumes are low, the internet site is not going to be nearly as valuable.  High traffic volumes, on the other hand, improve the value of the online site.

3) Domain name: A website that has a domain name that’s well-liked will certainly get a greater purchase price.  Take note: “popular” doesn’t necessarily mean trendy.  Website names that are similar to, although spelled a little different than another high-traffic website, can be considered “well-known”.

As an illustration, the domain name may very well be worth a great deal of money.  It is not the official “Britney Spears” celebrity site, but a frequent enough misspelling that people often come across it by mistake.  Domain names of such a nature have incidental worth, the same manner a house on the market might be worth much more simply due to the fact it’s next door to Britney Spears’ house.

4) Domain age: This element is slightly tied in with the worth of a domain’s name.  Seasoned domain names are normally considered to be worth significantly more than newer, not so recognized ones.

This is because the assumption is that an older domain will likely have a lot of back-links connected to it and will certainly have already been scanned and indexed by all of the main search engines, most likely several times.  They are also normally deemed much more valuable the older the domains are.

5) Income generation: This may perhaps be the key factor when you are establishing the worth of websites on the market.  Internet sites that produce sales are worth much more than those that do not.  The more lucrative a website may be, the more one should be expecting to invest.

Before buying websites on the web, search for a website worth calculator.  These resources can easily evaluate the value of an internet site.  Pretty much all you have to do is enter the homepage URL associated with a certain site.  These types of calculators consider the aforementioned factors to be able to produce a number.

Don’t forget, this figure is not a hard-and-fast evaluation.  But, it does provide you with a beginning point in which to begin working ones own assessment and settlement process when you buy internet sites.