Don’t Fall Prey to These 3 Myths About SEO

For a variety of reasons, many internet marketers don’t have a good understanding of how search engines work. One major reason why so few internet marketers know the rules regarding search engines is that these rules are always changing. Search engines are under a lot of pressure to keep spam under control, which is the main reason that their rules and formulas change so often. Because of this, there are many myths on issues such as getting a site indexed and page rank. Anyone who want to make progress with SEO has to learn the difference between truth and falsehood in this area. To be sure you don’t fall prey to any of the myths regarding SEO, we’ll look into some of these now. Also, when it comes to SEO, it is very important to have a solid webhosting account. We use and recommend Blue Host.

The fact that PPC ads will have an impact on how your site ranks in the SERPs is one common yet strange SEO myth. This fact is quite untrue. A lot of people believe that they can affect the ranking of their site in the SERPs by running PPC ads. But you have to keep in mind that these two are independent of each other and have no influence as such. That’s why it is wrong to waste your money on PPC advertising expecting your site to increase its ranking. Instead, you should concentrate on building more backlinks to your website and to create more quality content to ensure that your site continues to increase in rank. You should use common sense to judge the validity of this myth.

Search engine optimization is not a way to trick or fool the search engines to get you ranked but still many new marketers believe it to be that. If you set out to deceive the search engines, however, you will also be deceiving your target audience. If people find your site after being misled, they are not likely to be the kind of targeted visitors you need. Truly effective SEO involves creating good content, building natural backlinks and generally pleasing the search engines.

It’s not always wrong to use techniques to make SEO easier, as long as you aren’t violating the basic rules. If you are looking to build a long lasting business, this is your best approach.

The fact that your site will be banned if you buy links to your site from other relevant websites is another myth. Google doesn’t want you buying links, to be honest, and if they knew you paid for the links they would not count because they don’t want you trying to artificially influence the rank of your site, but they often aren’t aware of the fact. They would just discount these links if they were to find out that you paid for them. Banning a site for merely advertising its links on other sites would not make sense. You need to remember that the same link building regulations apply when you purchase external links. Therefore whether you are buying links or building them naturally, make sure they always come from relevant sites. If you take the time to investigate various claims, you won’t easily become a victim to myths. Believing in myths can cost you time as well as money, so be careful about what sources of information you consult. The earlier you take care of it, the better it is. Lastly, don’t forget to read our BlueHost review and check for a Blue Host discount code.